Ypsilanti canít afford another four years of Paul Schreiber


Paul Schreiber spent 10 years on the Ypsilanti Housing Commission (YHC) and was chair for two years.

During that time, residents lived in sub-standard public housing with 141 of 179 units failing repeated

City rental inspections.


Paulís Solution: As Mayor, Paul cut a deal to exempt Public Housing from all City rental

inspections and forgave $25,400 YHC owed the city for past due inspection fees.

Ypsilanti City Council Ė Sep 16, 2008


AATA proposed a $140,000 annual increase nearly doubling the cost for bus service to Ypsilanti.


Paulís Solution: Paul said he would rather cut $140,000 from police and fire

eliminating two officers rather than make cuts to bus service. Ypsilanti City Council Ė Apr 20, 2008

A citizen upset over ever higher water bills called Schreiber to complain and used the ďFĒ word.


Paulís Solution: Paul took out a personal protection order against the citizen and then

ordered the Ypsilanti Police Department to provide Paul with a special protection

detail costing Ypsilanti taxpayers hundreds of dollars in police overtime. Apr/May 2007


Schreiber was told about problems with police dispatch including dropped and misrouted

calls since dispatching was taken over by the County.


Paulís Solution: Paul said if they couldnít reach the police, they should call Paul and

then Paul gave out his personal cell phone number. Mayoral Debate Ė Jun 18, 2010



Tell Paul, Ypsilanti canít afford 4 more years of his solutions




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